Guest Post: How to Market Your Etsy Shop

Today’s guest post comes from Aubrey Phelps, a writer for free website hosting.

A note from The Queen: Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters and artisans. Think of it as your community summer art fair, but all online. In order to sell on Etsy, you can only offer items that are either heirlooms or hand-crafted. This makes for a very unique storefront. While there are other similar sites out there like Bonanza and Artfire, Etsy has emerged as the forerunner. If you’re an artisan, consider marketing your wares on Etsy to reach a wider audience. As Aubrey illustrates, there are several creative ways to get traffic to your store:

How to Market Your Etsy Shop

Thai Painting. Image courtesy of Sakhorn38 and

Thai Painting. Image courtesy of Sakhorn38 and

You have always dreamed of making money doing what you love doing, but attracting a customer base is going to require marketing. When you create an Etsy shop, you can showcase your talents and sell your handmade goods to people who have the same passion as you do. Just because you are the creative mind behind the design and construction of your products does not mean you cannot be the marketing genius behind the brand as well. Here are 5 creative ways you can market the creative products you sell.

1. Eye-Catching Business Cards

Turn every face-to-face contact you make into a marketing opportunity by handing out business cards that contain a link to your website, your Twitter, your Facebook, and a picture of one of your bestselling products. Make sure that the business card is printed on quality paper and that it stands out. When you have cards on you at all times, you can turn your trip to pick up supplies into a marketing trip while you wait in the checkout line. Some businesses will allow you to leave business cards on their reception tables, or have dedicated advertising boards.

2. Create a Social Media Account

You need to start small and then expand your horizons as you start to earn revenues. The best place to start marketing is to people you have already build connections with. If you create a social media account for your shop on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you can share the profile with your friends and acquaintances to show them what you do. If your talent shines through, your friends will surely share the profile and the images with their friends, and the cycle will go on. Having a social media account will also make you easier to find for customers who are searching for you.

3. Put Your Writing Skills to Work

Many artsy individuals are can be very compelling writers – you know the most about your products you are selling, and will therefore be the best person to write product specifications and descriptions.

You can also use your knowledge to write expert guest posts for backlinks. Are you an expert on greeting cards? Do you offer the best gift bags in the business? Write informative pieces that you can post to directories and link to your Etsy page. This is a great way to show that you have the answers to your audience’s questions and to reach a new customer base.

4. Persuade Your Customers to Subscribe

You want a first-time customer to become a repeat customer. Turning a customer into a loyal client costs less than marketing to a prospect. Make sure you take time to develop a newsletter and encourage your customers to subscribe to receive informative emails, discount offers, and notifications when new products are available. You may even want to offer your customers free shipping on their second order if they subscribe.

5. Brand Yourself

Your brand is your image as a whole. This includes your slogan, images, logos, and even color schemes. Make sure you have a creative image header that makes your brand stand out. Many consumers looking to buy homemade goods are perusing through Etsy looking for shops. With a creative header that communicates your message and attracts interest, you will definitely get more virtual visitors.

Content, branding, and social media marketing are all effective ways to market your Etsy shop without breaking the bank. Use these budget-friendly traditional and modern marketing methods and your small shop may turn into something much bigger than you ever pictured.

This post was written by Aubrey Phelps, a writer for free website hosting. In her spare time she enjoys training her dog and studying internet marketing.

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